November Wallpaper

Sunrise over Swans Cove Pool, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Assateague Island, Virginia

November is a time of transition.  Here in the Southeast fall hangs on for another few weeks, sometimes until Thanksgiving.  We’ve already seen our first snowfall in the mountains, and I know a lot of my friends Up North have had a lot more.  Like October, November can be a month of color, but as the color recedes from the landscape it is often found in the sky.  Clear days and nights lead to an often monochrome but very colorful sky.  Enjoy it while it lasts, because soon Winter will be here, in whatever form it takes where you are.


On a somewhat related note, a plea for feedback.  Kirk Tuck recently posted a great article on The Online Photographer about “What I learned when I stopped writing a photo blog.”  In it he discusses, among other things, the value of comments from the “silent majority.”  I get a number of comments from a few regular visitors, but I know from my stats that a lot more people follow my work.  A few of you may even like my work!  So feel free to comment, to tell me you like something, ask me a question or suggest I keep my Day Job.  I don’t write for comments or for money, I do it because I enjoy it.  But it’s nice to hear from people now and again.  So don’t be shy!  And I promise to do my part as well, to keep writing what I write.  If something moves you, feel free to let me know in the comments.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “November Wallpaper”

  1. I’ll have to read the Kirk Tuck post. Thanks for the link. Regarding comments, I’ve asked the same over the years and it is interesting the feedback that I got. Some people actually feel intimidated to post. Others, I have found, feel like they have nothing to say that is interesting, still others just prefer to read and move on, still others follow lots of blogs so don’t have much time. I’ve gotten these answers in person and on the blog. Here is the post that I was speaking of, if you are interested in some of the feedback I got a few years ago.

  2. Tom, I’m one of the silent majority who rarely comments, but always enjoys your blog. Blogs have a way of accumulating in my RSS feed. Of the nearly 70 I’ve subscribed to, many posts are either scanned or skipped, depending on the pace of the day. However, I always take the time to read each post on your blog. They are well thought out and deal with issues that many of us (with day jobs) face in our photography. It does not hurt that your images are spectacular as well, and full of passion. Looking forward to the next post.

  3. Thanks guys for the comments. Now I just have to do a better job of responding! Ken, thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to have you checking in! Paul, I actually remember reading that a few years ago when I too was just a “lurker.”

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