Staying Close to Home

I’ve written a number of times about the merits of photographing in one’s “back yard.” For me this often involves photographing in my “front yard” which is the Torrence Creek Greenway. I have an entrance across the street from my house, which is not exactly my “front yard” but is not much farther away than my mail box.

To many Greenway users, the plants and wildflowers are just something to walk past or for their dogs to pee on. They don’t really pay them much attention. The few people who even notice me and my camera generally assume I’m photographing the deer, and wonder where they are.

In reality, the changing seasons and the constantly evolving variety of grasses, plants and wildflowers are fascinating. I love finding these gifts and going home and figuring out what they are. Most recently I have been taken by these Crimsoneyed Rosemallow. They’re a type of Hibiscus typically found near the coast. What they are doing in little ole Huntersville, NC is beyond me, but they are quite beautious.